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Engaging and connecting with customers is vital for business growth, particularly in service industries where trust, loyalty and relationships directly impact your customers’ perception of the value your services provide.

It’s no longer enough to simply advertise your expertise.  What will set you apart is your ability to engage and connect with customers.  This will increase their loyalty and lead to long lasting, rewarding relationships that deliver value to your customer and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

The Right Mix will find the right combination of marketing and business development activities for your business.  We can help you to create a marketing and growth strategy that may include client development, establishing a brand, enhancing your profile or reputation and implementing a marketing communications program.  We focus on what can be achieved with your current resources and will develop a strategy that makes make the most of your marketing budget.  

  • Create and implement marketing and business development strategies that are aligned with your business plan and deliver results.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your strategies and review them to ensure they are delivering on your objectives.
  • Work with you to develop processes, policies and programs to create a customer-focused culture.

  • Develop and implement tools and frameworks that help you create, manage and get maximum value from customer relationships.
  • Provide advice and support around how to develop and maintain relationships that are focused on value.

  • Plan your communications and create simple strategies to engage your customers.
  • Write content for your communications, including web pages, brochures, newsletters, email updates, presentations, bid and award submissions etc.
  • Work with you to develop content that you and your team can reuse in multiple formats to ensure a maximum return on the time and energy invested in creating it.
  • Make sure your business looks good, in terms of your branding and presentation of your marketing and communications collateral.
  • Advise on the most appropriate communications channels for your key messages.

  • Develop processes, tools and frameworks to efficiently manage the bid process, track opportunities and measure success.
  • Project management of bids, award submissions and opportunity pursuits including developing professionally presented documents that position to you win.
  • Manage contract and panel arrangements, focusing on tools and processes that focus on building relationships and delivering value.


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