3 reasons why you need a marketing plan

One of questions I’m asked most often is what marketing works best?

The real question is what marketing activities will help you sell more of your product or service? Because at the end of the day, tha...

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5 steps to creating your marketing plan on a page

Our last blog pointed out the main reasons why we think a marketing plan is essential for any business to make the most of their marketing efforts. But a plan is only useful if you take action and implement it – otherwise ...

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Key focus areas to create an awesome marketing plan for 2018

The end of the financial year is looming – and while it’s kind of Christmas for accountants - for many of us it's a time of review for the year that’s been and setting budgets and plann...

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Managing your knowledge for maximum value

In today's data soaked and hyper-connected world, the answer to almost any question can be found via your favourite search engine (what did we do before Google?) This access to information is changing the way we market services and how clients buy...

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Are you suffering brain drain?

The workforce is changing with baby boomers moving towards retirement and Generations X and Y making up the bulk of the workforce - a trend that will only increase in the coming years. According to a global study by

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POD Book Chats - Women in Business Book Club brings together a diverse range of business women to network, share ideas and develop our skills from the books we read.  Join us for the next Book Chat

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